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Response to COVID-19

Sanitation and Infection Control Policies

To protect my clients, my artists, myself and everyone around us, I have formulated a series of guidelines and protocols that will be adhered to during all our appointments until further notice. It is imperative that we follow CDC guidelines and practice all necessary social distancing measures due to the nature of our work requiring us to work in close proximity with the clients.

These guidelines were built using thorough knowledge that I obtained by attaining three different certifications:

  1. Barbicide COVID-19 Certification

  2. Barbicide Certified in Proper Sanitation and Disingection Practices

  3. Lucas-Cide Safe Space Certified


We sincerely apologize in advance but there will be absolutely NO HANDSHAKES! There will be guaranteed hidden smiles under those FACE COVERINGS as we would be truly excited for your special event, you just wouldn’t be able to see it – Yes! We are living in this world of New Normal!

  1. Scheduled services will be cancelled should the clients display any cold, flu or fever like symptoms. It is expected of myself and the client to communicate and be completely honest should we display any such symptoms or think we may have come in contact with anyone sick even if it’s a day before your appointment.

  2. As a social distancing measure, only the artist and the client receiving services will be allowed in the room.

  3. If you’ve booked us for multiple services with multiple artists, then the client will be asked to provide different rooms for each artist. Clients will be allowed only as per their scheduled slot, others will be asked to wait outside in a waiting area. It would be highly appreciated if the clients waiting could adhere to 6 feet distancing and wear masks.

  4. We would be looking different too :) You would see us wearing masks/face shields, wear gloves if possible and frequent use hand sanitizers.

  5. While practicing proper sanitation protocol isn’t a new norm for TM’s Makeup Artistry, we are taking it seriously than ever before. Artists will be washing hands thoroughly upon arrival, they will be using as much disposables (like mascara wands, lip applicators, orange sticks, q tips, cotton swabs, swatching products on palette) in their application as possible, they will be cleaning and sanitizing their stations before and after every appointment.

  6. Upon arrival, client will be expected to wash hands thoroughly and then the artist will be providing hand sanitizer to the client as an extra measure of safety for all of us.

  7. We will be having disposable face masks handy, so in an event where you fall short of them, please do not hesitate to ask us. Everyone’s safety is prudent to us!

  8. If you anticipate having a large gathering at the event, then it would be expected of you to ensure that the artist’s contact with them is absolutely mitigated. It would help to have the area cleared up right before artist’s arrival time so they can straight away make their way to their allocated room.

  9. Please have a washed and clean covering/cape/towel ready for each client, in case it needs to be wrapped around their neck to protect the outfit.

  10. We will play peppy or soft music or make silence our best friends for the length of the appointment, to avoid any possible exposure from droplets. If you have any music requests, try to send it ahead of time so we have it in our phones for you!

  11. No food or drinks will be allowed during the service time. We will build in break times every 2-2.5 hours so you or the artist can grab a quick bite and/or sip a drink.

  12. Optional but totally worth it! It might be a good practice to carry or purchase your own lipstick/lip color, mascara and eye liner as a precautionary measure. It would also come in handy for touch-ups throughout the day and we can totally avoid the potential high risk involved in that particular application.

  13. We reserve the right to refuse and/or cancel any scheduled service should we feel it could impact the health and safety or me, me team or anyone else around us.


PLEASE NOTE: All artists will be carrying disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers, alcohol spray/disinfecting spray, disposable masks so please do not hesitate to ask if you need one. We are all in this together and everyone’s safety is of paramount importance to us!

As for ourselves, we will be in our protective gears like face masks, shields, eye coverings, hand gloves.

At TM’s Makeup Artistry, we will try our best to make this an enjoyable and flawless experience for you by practicing all guidelines created for the safety of all of us!


In an event of rescheduling your wedding date due to COVID-19, there will be no extra cost or up charge. The new date can be scheduled up to a year out from the date of your original booking totally free of charge.


Before making any official changes, please discuss your potential plans with us so we can help as much as possible and ensure that the same artist is available for the rescheduled date. This is especially important for a bridal booking!

If you are worried about making any trial or wedding related bookings, please know we understand your concerns and will make sure we can be as flexible and understanding as possible in moving your dates around.

These policies are created for both myself and my clients health and safety in mind. The way I am doing makeup will look different from now on, due to the close nature of my work to eyes, nose, and mouth. I will abide by these policies while doing makeup through the end of 2020 and into the beginning of 2021. I will continue to follow guidelines and social distancing given by the CDC.

1. We maintain the right to not perform scheduled services on any clients displaying any cold or flu like symptoms. If we or a client is showing any symptoms before the wedding or the day of, or has come in contact with someone sick,  they are required to be transparent and we will cancel their appointment with no extra charge. I ask for absolute HONESTY to keep us all safe.

2. We maintain the right to a SEPARATE makeup room where only the person receiving services in that time slot are allowed, along with the artist. We will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment such as a mask and/or face shield.

3. We ask for 10+ minutes in between each appointment to clean my work areas, wash my hands, and clean+sanitize our kit.

4. All clients are required to wash + sanitize hands before and after coming to their appointment. Please do so in front of the artist or make it aware that is what you are going to do.

5. Perhaps most important, is the separate space or room to work.  A large room of people is not suitable to keep ourselves safe and my work space clean.  Please let us know if there is another room in the location before arrival where we will be setting up.

6. Please keep conversation to a minimum to avoid droplets contaminating any surfaces.

7. Please do not eat or drink anything during your application or in the room where makeup is being provided.

8. Please provide your own lip color and be prepared to apply it yourself with my guidance. There is high risk with applying lip color, and due to the nature of most lip colors disappearing throughout the day, having your own lip color for personal touch ups is very helpful.

9. We are reserving the right to refuse any service which we feel may impact the health and safety of myself or others.

Thank you for your understanding! We will continue to provide the best possible service under the guidelines we have created.

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