The Makeup Popup Show – Aug 29 & Aug 30 ‘15

First time ever in the Bay Area (San Francisco downtown), everyone (fellow MUAs) were extremely excited to be a part of it. This was my first time ever too, to a makeup show & so as soon as i found out about it which was about 2 months ago, i bought my one day ticket to the show. I decided to go full day but due to last minute bookings i had to cut it to first half & then opting to go for the second day for the first half of the day too.

On Aug 29, Saturday – The entry to the show started at 11am & i have to say it was very well organized. As soon as i got there, there were plenty of members to help out & make sure you were all set for the day. I had even bought the ticket to the 3 hour paid workshop at $140 from 11:00am to 2:00pm called THE BASICS AND BUSINESS OF BRIDAL by Danessa Myricks. She is an internationally renowned educator and a key presenter for a host of the top national & international trade shows. She was extremely humble, informative & inspiring although honestly i felt the workshop could have been a little bit longer than 3 hrs. The practical learning aspect was kind of rushed into toward the end & we had to wrap fast enough in order for other workshop to begin. I often feel there is always a time crunch toward the end of such workshops because the focus is on trying to cover too many aspects in short time. You start off kind of slow, warming your way up into it & then soon realizing there isn’t much time left. That’s one key thing that puts me down a bit most times at such workshops because my expectations are aligned to what i read under ‘agenda of the workshop’ when i purchase tickets to what i finally get to experience. I feel like i don’t get full value for the money invested, sigh! But going back to the educator herself, she is phenomenal, very talented & was happy to answer any question you may have had for her. She even urged all the students to make requests on anything they wanted her to demo, ensuring they were covered & well addressed. So i would rate my experience at 8/10 on the workshop but 4.5/10 for the education i received out of it as i was really hoping to see some great techniques ‘ to elevate bridal makeup to an editorial beauty level’ with enough time on hand.

Business of Bridal with Danessa Myricks
Danessa Myricks
Timsi Malhotra with the Celebrity Artist Danessa Myricks

From 1pm to 2:30pm i was visiting around all the booths to see what discounts were available & just generally chit chatting with other MUAs. I decided to just browse around & not make any purchases that day as I was coming back the next day which was going to be my SHOP TILL YOU DROP day ;-)

The Makeup Show – also had a fantastic line up of free seminars. The few that caught my attention were:

  • Kit Focus by James Vincent for THE MAKEUP SHOW

  • Detailing Beauty by Ivan Betancourt for MUSE BEAUTY PRO

  • Airbrush 101 by Tanya Deemer for TEMPTU

  • Bridal Makeup by Victor Cembellini for MAC Cosmetics

  • The Art of Brows by Eugenia Weston for Senna Cosmetics

Sadly due to conflict in time i could not attend all but my personal favourite was The Art of Brows by the #browguru herself @Eugenia from Senna Cosmetics. She demoed a couple of different ways on how to do the brows with & without using the templates. She couldn’t stress enough on how important it is for every artist to know the facial structure & the color theory. She was sad on how most schools don’t teach these skills well enough. Her recommendation to every artist out there was to attend some form of ART CLASS. Part time, full time, through private or city school but it is a must & will change your perception on how you look at your client’s face. That’s something that resonated with me so much that despite being an art student, i will definitely be making this as one of my goals for the next year to abreast myself on.

The other nice workshop was Airbrush by TEMPTU but it got really hard for me to hear anything since there was too much noise in the background. There were people by the booths that were talking loudly & it made extremely hard for anyone to focus on what was being said by @Tanya.

One more gripe – I felt the hall was too small to fit those many numbers of booth with that much footfall & then to have an open area for these seminars set up next to the booths. I hope TMS comes back next year but at a bigger location.

Timsi Malhotra with the Brow Guru Eugenia, founder of Senna Cosmetics

Aug 30, Sunday: So here came my official as i like to proudly call it ‘SHOP TILL YOU DROP’ day. I got there at 10:30am and attended these workshops that i just mentioned; in between i bought a lot of stuff, some basis the recommendations from one of my mentors @Alphonse Wiebelt for MUSE BEAUTY PRO. I have to tell you some of these products are just absolutely phenomenal & a holy grail for the MUAs. I will soon be writing another blog on my recommendation of must-haves & how these products work for you than you having to work for them. It is definitely worth an investment & you see they pay off in the long run. Very quickly on the brands i bought products from were:

  • Muse Beauty Pro

  • Kett

  • Senna Cosmetics

  • Esum

  • Embryolisse

  • Japonesque

  • BioDerma

Muse BeautyPro
Pro Brand:  Senna Cosmetics
Japonesque Brush Cleanser
Alcone, Temptu, MuseBeautyPro, Esum

Stocking Up some nice pro essentials!

Kett Cosmetics
Viseart Nurturing Force Embryolisse Esum

What i could not purchase was due to never ending long lines at a few booths like NARS, Crown & one more that i cant recollect the name of but they were selling products from multiple brands.

For me, who was really caught up on time, i tried thrice to get into the line to purchase one bronzer from NARS but unfortunately couldn’t keep upto it. Hopefully next time it will be not that tight & crunched up.

I met some great people at the show, one of them has even become a great friend, she is from Ethopia & extremely talented as well. Overall, I love the beauty of how shows like these bring together people from diverse backgrounds together & serve as a great opportunity for the artists to learn & network. I had an unforgettable experience, I truly loved the vibes, the energy of the show & how all the artists so enthused to share their experiences & knowledge with each other. The feedback doesn’t make it for me to not go back but just a way to express what areas could have been dealt with better & for them hopefully to be able to work on them in future.

This in nutshell was my 2 day (not full!) experience at TMS & i will give them a big Thumbs Up for putting up such a fantastic show together! I look forward to visiting them next year!!

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