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How I do my hair

All right! Here is pic no.1 on the hair style. I often get asked about how I do my hair & recommendations on quick ‪#‎updos‬. This literally took me less than 2 minutes, i promise.

Things you need:

1. Rat Tail Comb,

2. Few Bobby Pins,

3. Firm Hold Finishing Spray.

I usually recommend @tresemme coz it works amazing without getting your hair sticky & hard.

Steps: Brush your hair out, then using the rat tail comb, start teasing your hair (be sure to leave the side strands however you like 'em farming your face) from front to the end of the crown, smooth it even from the top. Take that section & secure it with bobby pins making sure that pouff height is as you desire. Now, start taking small sections of hair one by one & keep pinning them into a messy updo. Remember - The messier the better! Final step, take the finishing spray & spritz lightly all over. DONE! you are all set to rock the show! Hope you find this useful!

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