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Flaunt Those Cheekbones!

Kett Sett GO.....This Amazing little guy works wonder!

I love using it to highlight the peeks of my client's cheekbones. It's not super shimmery, neither does it flash back badly on camera. For the dewy, glowy look on your skin - I'd say definitely try it!

What the brand itself has to say about it:

Enhance your glow to accentuate the positive with Fixx Creme Hi-Light - A universal luminator for all skin tones.

Created in the Fixx Creme formula, Hi-light is a water proof product with vitamins A,C,E and Licorice Root extract. Silicone Free - Paraben Free - Fragrance Free - Cruelty Free

Where can you purchase it?


It get's my thumbs up for not just doing one job, but also doubling up as a highlighter for the brow bone, cupid's bow & some from the forehead through to your nose!

Leaves you feeling light & bright ;-)


be yourself!


P.S - I don't get paid to make these recommendations. They are solely based on my judgement & true opinion. I'm not associated with any brand in anyway.

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