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Raffle Draw Result Announcement

Good News! Raffle Draw Winners are out :) YAY!!!!!

Firstly, Thank You once again for visiting our booth at the Vivah Bridal Expo on 10/9/16.

As promised, we completed our raffle draw and the good news is that - Following are the names of the WINNERS and have already been notified via email.

One $100 Winner

1. Falisha Ali

Five $50 Winners

  1. Khushboo Patel

  2. Namrata Vora

  3. Natasha Sachdeva

  4. Gowri

  5. Reena Saini

Ten $25 Winners

  1. Reena Saini

  2. Jankee Dahya

  3. Poonam Lal

  4. Shrina Shah

  5. Aman Kaur

  6. Rozeena Jhinnu

  7. Marlene Dutt

  8. Seema Patel

  9. Bama

  10. Anupma Sharma

Conditions are simple:

1. Voucher is completely transferable - so feel free to forward it to your friends, family or colleague and

2. Voucher is valid only for bookings made on/before Dec 31st 2016

As you know, these vouchers are valid only for bridal bookings, however, we decided to extend these to non-bridal/lifestyle makeup/hair appointments scheduled at our home studio in Foster City as well!

Again - Thank You and Congratulations! I look forward to working with you very soon.

Best wishes!

be yourself!



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