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Everything You Need to Know About Airbrush Makeup

Flawless, retouched and overall perfection is what comes to our mind when we hear the word Airbrush makeup. It might seem as a makeup method for supermodels and artist, by asking yourself why there are many specialized makeup artists. Here is why you need to consider airbrush makeup for your big event.

How is airbrush makeup applied?

The airbrush is set up in a way that applied via airbrush gun. It is made of stainless steel gun and a hose that is attached to an air compressor. The makeup is dropped into a cup on top of the airbrush gun and air flows through the hose of the gun, which pushed the makeup through an opening onto your skin. The makeup comes out in a fine fan-shaped mist.

Does it feel heavy?

The makeup is weightless on your skin. Client remarks and reviews show that it feels like they are wearing any makeup and this makes it a great option for people who don’t like too much makeup or those who don’t wear any.

No need of regular foundation?

Airbrush makeup has its own unique formula specifically for the airbrush-gun application. The formula is significantly thinner and watery in appearance which is different from using traditional liquid make that is thick to feed through the airbrush gun.

What's the coverage like?

The airbrush coverage can vary from sheer to full coverage because the makeup is applied in the finest method. It builds up gradually so you will notice more coverage with multiple passes over your skin. Concealing dark circle, hyperpigmentation and color correction are often done before applying airbrush makeup.

Does it last all day?

Without any doubt airbrush foundation is durable. In my opinion, Temptu lasts longer holding up well through tears, rain, sweat or snow.

Do you need a special primer?

Your skin needs to be good moisture to avoid the make clinging on dry patches. A silicon-based primer will work well if you are using a silicone-based airbrush like Temptu.

Do you need a professional makeup artist?

Airbrush make is totally different from using brushes and sponges. For perfect services and modest look, use a makeup artist who has the skill and know-how on how it's applied and can work with you in helping you create the most special look of your life!


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