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5 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding in the Bay Area

Are you worried about planning your wedding at Bay Area, San Francisco? No need to worry, instead, plan a destination wedding. By simply selecting a perfect location, a destination wedding will set the entire mood of your big days plus the theme. For example, if you choose your wedding location on the beach, you will have a romantic wedding home without having to buy any decorations. Here are some tips that can help you choose a location and successfully host a destination wedding a Bay Area.

Ask yourself questions

What type of wedding are you dreaming of? Is it a tropical, by the mountains or something beachy? Consider a destination where both of you will be comfortable and where you can experience wonderful memories. If you already dream of returning to the destination even before your wedding, it could be the perfect destination for you.

Think about your guest

Thinking about your guest includes thinking of how far they will travel and how hard it is to get to the destination. Stick to a wedding location that is easily reachable. Guess tend to be a bit needy when they go out of town, choose a place that is safe where they can experience the surroundings on their own as well.

Stick with the destination themed décor and food

When your theme or food doesn’t compliment your destination, it can be more costly to you than you thought. It is not fancy to bring a hotel wedding onto the beach. By complimenting your theme with your destination you bring love into the destination. Use the wonderful resources at your destination to bring out the design of the area around you.

Check out the weather

When it’s a destination you are totally unfamiliar with, the weather change can shock you. Although they say a little rain is a blessing, many brides and grooms are certainly not happy with it. Check your destination for hot temperature, hurricanes, and large storms.

Look for one-stop shop

It can be incredibly stressful when you plan a wedding that is a few hundred miles away from your home, it’s advisable you try and work with venues that offer in-house services. It’s convenient instead of hopping from one place to another searching for different services.

Bay Area has the best wedding destinations. Tying the knot in a locale is romantic, but planning a destination wedding require more than just choosing a location.

Good Luck!


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