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How to Choose the Right Makeup for Your Skin Type

Making makeup mistake is easy. You probably know that exaggerated eye shadow or mismatched foundation is unflattering. There is no worse nightmare for makeup fans than realizing their lip liner or under-eye concealer is showing. It turns out that choosing the right makeup for your skin can help you avoid troubles on how your makeup looks. It also helps you avoid damaging your skin when it comes into close contact with the wrong ingredients and formulas. Based on products like your foundation, blush, eye shadow or concealer, it’s better to match them with your skin needs. How do you determine the best product for your skin type?

First, determine your skin type

Whether you’re looking for an overhaul skin care regimen or just the foundation, it’s very important to understand your skin type. The basic skin types are normal, dry, oily or combination. Though this is the basic there are nine different skin types that may sound the same, but behave differently depending on the makeup you apply. It’s always good to visit an esthetician to get to know your skin type.

Choose the color formula

There are usually a lot of trial and error when choosing formula. Someone with breakouts or redness need more coverage to disguise than someone with relatively balanced even skin. Let your type of skin dictate the kind of formula you need. For dry skin, you can use a moisturizing liquid, use a matte-finish liquid for oily skin. For those with slightly dry or oily skin, press loss powder foundation. It is an easy way to get a smooth finish, especially when paired with a sunscreen moisturizer.

Choose the right color

While color may seem to be unimportant as products and formula, choosing the right colors do matter, especially with foundation products. It’s ideal to taste different colors before committing to a potentially purchase. Anything that stands out either too dark or too light should be a no. anything thing appears relatively invisible is good. If you can apply and check the color in daylight. It’s the best way if it matches your skin color.

Color is important with makeup products such as eye shadow, lip color, eyeliner, mascara or blush. If you haven’t given your makeup color and skin color much thought, enlist a friend or professional makeup artist to help. It’s also advisable in beauty shops that are famous for their selection rather than the one with a small number of shadows.


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